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The Salt Of The Earth Awards Community Exists In Order To:
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* Help lift spirits and encourage people to remember their own value and the value of others.
* Offer people a choice from often toxic and divisive environments like Facebook with a positive environment which benefits our societies and our world

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Green Museum

“I think artists have the opportunity not just to call attention to problems and preach, but to really help solve problems, to help create things that work better, that are just more beautiful and right. We’re far more likely to do things that are good for us as a society if we’re drawn to them because they look better, are more meaningful and tasty. These are things we’ll choose to do simply because they feel better.” This interview with artist Sam Bower shares more.

Good News Network

One concerned father is hoping that his innovation can help save children all over the world from a very simple danger. With a plethora of pools being opened up in people’s backyards for the summer, Lee Kambar of Phoenix, Arizona has designed a drone that could act as an extra set of eyes to prevent […]

The post Dad Designs a Floating Drone That Could Prevent Dozens of Potential Drownings appeared first on Good News Network.

Many people retain fond memories of their parents reading them bedtime stories—but now, we can be lulled to sleep by one of the most relaxing celebrities to have colored the Earth: Bob Ross. An insightful group of people at Calm.com realized that more and more people are having trouble falling asleep in this fast-paced 21st century […]

The post Now You Can Now Lull Yourself to Sleep With This Bob Ross Sleep Series! appeared first on Good News Network.

Repairing the Fabric of the World

“I met Jonathan F.P. Rose in Manhattan, the week a snow storm knocked out power in much of the Northeast. Heating by woodstove and carrying water home from the local fire station for five long, cold days left me feeling a bit rough and smoky, not to mention unprepared, to be sitting in the comfortable offices of his company in a historic old building near Grand Central Station. Yet the moment I met Rose, a tall, friendly man who met me talking and moving at a confident stride, I realized that my days as a kind of suburban pioneer woman, muddling along in a harsh new world that everyone blamed on global warming and our decaying infrastructure, was the best possible situation to meet a new kind of green pioneer. The Roses are one of the oldest and most successful real-estate families in New York, well known for their dedication to civic life and for giving back to the place where they gained so much.”

Good News Network

In a mega-progressive step toward protecting the ocean (and climate), a massive majority of krill fishing companies have agreed to actually stop fishing aroun the Antarctic Peninsula. Overfishing krill has been hurting marine ecosystems since the 1970s. The crustaceans are sought after for the Omega-3 oils they provide for health supplements. They’re also used as […]

The post Huge Victory for Ocean Ecosystems as Fishing Companies Agree to Stop Catching This Essential Critter appeared first on Good News Network.

Dogs are notoriously scared of the bright, noisy fireworks that ignite American skies every Fourth of July – and shelter pups have no one to soothe them. Thankfully, the canines at this animal shelter in Phoenix, Arizona felt like they had a caring family on this year’s Independence Day. Maricopa County Animal Care and Control […]

The post Instead Seeing Fireworks on Fourth of July, 200 People Spent Their Holiday Comforting Shelter Dogs appeared first on Good News Network.

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