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The Salt Of The Earth Awards Community Exists In Order To:
* Provide a new digital channel for gratitude, appreciation, kindness and generosity to flow
* Help lift spirits and encourage people to remember their own value and the value of others.
* Offer people a choice from often toxic and divisive environments like Facebook with a positive environment which benefits our societies and our world

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Delightful – Kindergartners Weigh In On Helpfulness, Kindness, and Sharing

Watch this when you wake up or right now! Don’t put it off until later. Love lives! Yay!
YouTube: helpfulness

Helpfulness, Kindness, and Sharing
This video highlights what kindergartners think helpfulness, kindness, and sharing mean.
YouTube: humanitarian

Abba Ali Yarima Mustapha Youth Activist #humanitarian worker #peace advocate #activist
This video is encouraging peace and tranquility during election.. It urges us to be law abiding citizens.

Neighbors refill bookshelves after thieves target ‘little free library’ | fox5sandiego.com

Some people do bad things. Others are happy to step forward and rectify the bad deeds of their wayward brothers and sisters for the benefit of the greater community. This happens and often doesn’t get noticed. This is why we are here at Salt Of The Earth Awards


“People started sending messages saying, ‘I have books, you can have books’ and I would come home and there would be whole bags of books in front of my house,” Morstein said.Morstein has received so many books that not all of them will fit on the shelves –a story that teaches us how small kind gestures can turn a negative experience into a positive one.“Somebody asked me, ‘what are you doing to do if they do it again?’ and I said, ‘I’m not going to do anything, but the neighborhood will,’” Morstein said.Morstein said she now knows if someone steals again she will not have to replace all the books by herself; however, if someone continues to steal, she may have to put up a camera.

Source: Neighbors refill bookshelves after thieves target ‘little free library’ | fox5sandiego.com

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