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wherever you are in life, even homeless, you can do something to make lives better

Homeless man reunites with family after good deed

A homeless man reunites his family in Cape Breton after returning money he found in an ATM to its rightful owner. READ HERE: http://ow.ly/RtVW30ieCVh

Posted by CityNews Toronto on Tuesday, February 6, 2018

‘Miracle’ as Dundee woman brings partner ‘back from the dead’ after 8 MINUTES of CPR – Evening Telegraph

Are you prepared for emergencies that might arise, of course, unexpectedly? Am I? Well it is a good idea to get some basic first aid training and such. One never knows when they might be called on to save a life of a stranger or a loved one.

Carrie, 42, said: “Basically he went out for a run on the Saturday and came back as normal, cracking jokes.“He went to jump into the shower and I just heard a thud. It didn’t really sound like Mike collapsing but I found him in the hall outside the bedroom.“I phoned an ambulance and started doing CPR. I kept everything flowing, doing CPR for about eight minutes.“I didn’t actually know CPR and never in my life did I think I would have to do it.“I always thought if I was ever in this position I would freeze but I knew I had to do what I could to save him.”

Source: ‘Miracle’ as Dundee woman brings partner ‘back from the dead’ after 8 MINUTES of CPR – Evening Telegraph

East Fishkill hero gets Senate’s highest honor for Taconic rescue

America, even Poughkeepsie, is full of ordinary people capable of doing remarkably good, even heroic things at the drop of a hat. Here is one of the latest who stepped up when called upon! Bravo!

Geary’s “quick thinking and determination to act, along with his sense of humility following the event, is truly inspiring,” Serino said in a statement. “It takes a great deal of bravery to put yourself in harm’s way and to not be a bystander in times of trouble.”Murphy called Geary “a hero in every sense of the word.“Sometimes, the hero is an ordinary citizen who does an extraordinary thing,” Murphy said the statement. “In this emergency, the first responder just happened to be a citizen who had the bravery to respond first.”The Liberty Medal is the highest honor a senator can bestow upon a constituent. It is awarded to individuals who merit special recognition for exceptional, heroic or humanitarian acts.

Source: East Fishkill hero gets Senate’s highest honor for Taconic rescue

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