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Thanks to Police Department’s ‘Pugshot’ of Lost Dog, Owner Pays Bail in Cookies

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Getting a mugshot is no laughing matter—unless it helps a canine on the run. Bean the pug is going viral on social media after the Cape May Police Department of New Jersey found her wandering around someone’s backyard earlier this week. WATCH: Locked Out of House, Watch Woman’s Gleeful Reaction to Clever Pup Opening the Door […]

The post Thanks to Police Department’s ‘Pugshot’ of Lost Dog, Owner Pays Bail in Cookies appeared first on Good News Network.

The couple curated the gorgeous mural just in case their autistic son was ever lost and needed to find his way home.

The post Couple Fights Lawsuit Until Judge Rules They Can Keep Their “Starry Night” Home appeared first on Good News Network.

Happy 70th Birthday to the author who birthed the genre known as Young Adult Fiction, S.E. Hinton. She wrote her pivotal novel “The Outsiders” — about a gang of ‘greasers‘ in an Oklahoma high school — when she was sixteen years old. Since 1967, the book has sold 15 million copies, and still sells 500,000 […]

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Dan Millman: No Ordinary Moments in the School of Life

What if everything that happened to you in life was for your highest good and learning? In this riveting talk, Dan Millman, author of The Way of the Peaceful Warrior, shares his insights into the school of life, and how we can approach each of our experiences as opportunities for growth, wisdom, and self-knowledge. “I often use the term ‘spiritual weight-training’ — the difficulties and challenges of everyday life which do arise. That’s what life is about; its spiritual weight training, and we get stronger,” Millman says. Millman defines 12 courses we’re here to master, in order to transcend to a higher spiritual life. Read on to hear him share more on how we can lean into our difficulties, and gain a sense of mastery from the everyday.

Good News Network

Not only does the suit offer a much-needed confidence boost, it also gives them an invaluable tool for finding employment after their service.

The post Tailor Has Given Free, Fitted Suits to Veterans – and They’re Doing It Again This Summer appeared first on Good News Network.

The California Air Resources Board just announced that greenhouse gas pollution in California fell below 1990 levels for the first time since emissions peaked in 2004—an achievement roughly equal to taking 12 million cars off the road or saving 6 billion gallons of gasoline a year. “California set the toughest emissions targets in the nation, […]

The post California Slashes Emissions to 1990s Level, Reaches Climate Goal Years Early appeared first on Good News Network.

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