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Food for my pregnant wife and I?

I’ve never done this before, but I’m getting desperate at this point. I’m the only one making an income and paying all of the bills in my household, my wife is sick and pregnant and is not working at the moment. We could not afford to buy groceries this paycheck because of bills and we don’t have any food in the house. I’m fine with not eating as long as my wife eats. I was hoping someone could help us out a little. Thank y’all.

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Random act of helping immigrant buy gas

I was at the gas station and a woman asked for help in broken English. The machine wasn’t letting her use credit so I walked her inside and asked he attendant to put 40 on the pump and then we went back and I pumped her gas for her. She did know how to say “thank you” 🙂

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The man who handed me TP

To the man in the bathroom,
This literally just happened, and I am sure that he won’t see this, but I was stranded in a bathroom in a bar called Shakespeare’s in Kalamazoo MI for ten minutes. Finally this kind soul came in and used the stall next to me. I asked for TP and he handed me not just alittle tp, but enough to clean the deed and then some. To my unsung hero, thank you
A desperate soul

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A chilled water bottle for a stranger on a scorching day

I put a water bottle in the freezer for the parcel delivery guy because it's 100 degrees out there today, which must suck even more if you are driving a van around all day. He seemed surprised and relieved and opened it immediately.

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Won a goldfish for a sad-looking kid at the fair

This is a small thing but I just wanted to put it out there. My boyfriend and I went to a fair yesterday, and we walked up to the game where you throw balls to win fish and hermit crabs.

As we were walking up, a kid around 3-4 was trying to win a fish, lost, and looked really disappointed. His parents took him by the hand and started walking away, so I made a mental note of what they looked like, got a few balls, won a fish and chased them down to give it to him.

His dad was really thankful and he was really happy, it made my already perfect night 🙂

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Anonymous Person Witnessed another Anonymous Person Do A Good Deed

“After visiting a restaurant near-by I went to to the bus stop to head back home and there was a rough-looking man that was hanging out in the area. I didn’t have anything to give to him sadly but after a few minutes I saw a young man (in his 20s) with a long black ponytail just get out of his car and give this rough man his shoes. Just took them off and handed them to him and got back in his car and went on his way.

I breathed such a sigh of relief that there are people doing kind things for others and was honored to be able to witness it first-hand.

Much love everyone <3 ”

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A meal paid for. – Salt Of The Earth Nominees Abound On The Web

here is a nice Salt of the Earth person sharing their  story…


My boyfriend and I went out to expend and when it used to be time to pay; I tried the expend of my card and it wouldn’t read for some motive. After dealing the Manager who tried my card time and time but again, and I had no other blueprint of paying, a lady and a male came up within the again of me and query how powerful my invoice used to be. She then pulled out $40 and gave it to me for my invoice. The waitress, supervisor, my boyfriend, and I all stood in shock and my boyfriend and I thanked them. This entire experience offers me hope.

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