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This is a thing which will become a THING which will change other things!
The Salt Of The Earth Awards Community Exists In Order To:
* Provide a new digital channel for gratitude, appreciation, kindness and generosity to flow
* Help lift spirits and encourage people to remember their own value and the value of others.
* Offer people a choice from often toxic and divisive environments like Facebook with a positive environment which benefits our societies and our world

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Have You a-SALT-ed Anybody Today?

With this website and the mission it represents I have taken on the unenviable task of trying to make go viral that which people do not naturally focus their attention on. Please wish me luck. Better yet, help me. I need your participation.

The happiness will start with you and your associates and spread across the land if we make it happen, if we work at it. The work is simply in writing a few words of kindness about somebody who has done or been something good or has a positive influence. You can do more but you will be helping greatly if you do just this. To register here takes about 30 seconds. It would be helpful if you would upload a profile picture. That would be appreciated but not required. We do not require any personal, private info and we do not use cookies to track your activity.

Can we challenge enough people to rise above the muck and mire to take a few moments and recognize the goodness in their brothers and sisters and selves and help us all make goodness go viral?

It takes effort for people to focus their attention on goodness, love, peace, brotherhood, When such occurs it is almost stunning and breathtaking. That is its power. That is its weakness. Can we make this more commonplace? This is our task.

Never has there been a best selling or a classic novel that started “… and they lived happily ever after”.
And it is because of this that we struggle.

However, if WE WANT TO LIVE HAPPILY EVER AFTER and survive as a species…we need to bring back into focus these elements such as love, peace, goodness, kindness, generosity, compassion and other aspects of human nature best represented in history by a fellow traveler from Nazareth who saw the spark of divinity in all and demonstrated unconditional love for all even his tormentors. Our effort here follows in that tradition without the torture. (Note: I am talking about teachings and philosophy not religion here. ALL ARE WELCOME. There are NO BORDERS)
This site is an affirmation of all that is good in all of us.
We define “good” as of benefit to all or at least more than our own self serving interests and as being connected with the love within and the same love that is in others and acting from that wellspring.

Now let’s talk about the Salt Of The Earth Awards.

What award is there for being a good person?
Right, there ain’t none. We pay much more of our attention on dreaming up and enacting penalties on people.

When I was living in Dover, NH there was a fellow who was recognized by the local chamber of commerce for being the leading volunteer in Dover, NH. That’s great! Way to go, dude! Seriously.
However…. what about all the other volunteers or good neighbors there who didn’t get an award? As Red Buttons used to say at the Dean Martin Roasts… they never got a dinner!

When somebody gets nominated for a Salt Of The Earth Award they have been a-SALT-ed!

How many good people do you know in your family, place of worship or other community? Don’t they deserve to be a-SALT-ed (our humorous term for nominating people for the Salt Of The Earth Award)?
How many of these people or others have done, said or been something which has been a positive influence on your life?
Don’t they deserve to be a-SALT-ed? A-SALT your boss you might get a raise! A-SALT your mother and you may finally make her happy with you!

You might call these champions of the more noble side of human nature a “Salt Of The Earth” type person. They deserve to be a-SALT-ed.

This site is a place where you, me and everybody can nominate anybody they want for the Salt Of The Earth Award. In case  you are wondering, yes, you can nominate yourself! One need not be narcissistic to want more recognition or to tell the world about their good deeds. So, yes, you can A-SALT yourself!

If you don’t know what to say and about whom there are more and more examples of people who have been nominated as you peruse the recent posts on this website.

I can tell you this from experience….nominating somebody, a friend or a stranger, is a great experience which will elevate the experience of your day and theirs.

This award is won whenever one is nominated. The person doing the nominating is also a winner because it feels great to a-SALT people!

So, you get the idea. This is why we are here… to open a new channel for love and gratitude and make a better world by inspiring a significant shift towards the positive in where people put there attention.
We have tried everything else. Let’s try this! How much can we improve living conditions for one and all by simply refocusing a bit of attention towards recognizing what is good, righteous, kind, generous, noble, helpful and decent in each other’s thoughts, words and actions? There is no limit!

To keep it lively, engaging, purposeful and beneficial for all there is a groups section and in there people can champion any causes which represent the greater good for all.
Also there is full Facebook type functionality here. No Farmville, though!

Note: This is a no conflict, no nasty, no political, no tribalism zone.
You won’t hear that on Facebook! This is Facebook with the drama. What if there were 7 billion people on this site instead of on Facebook?

Welcome to a new and better world that is already here and that you are helping to bring forward!


Gary Konigsberg
garybcoin @ gmail.com
804 296 5303
Fonder – Salt Of The Earth Awards
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