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This is a thing which will become a THING which will change other things!
The Salt Of The Earth Awards Community Exists In Order To:
* Provide a new digital channel for gratitude, appreciation, kindness and generosity to flow
* Help lift spirits and encourage people to remember their own value and the value of others.
* Offer people a choice from often toxic and divisive environments like Facebook with a positive environment which benefits our societies and our world

watch this space for something really cool...

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Please note that there are two ESSENTIAL rules here for the benefit of all and to keep this a positive environment. These are:
This is a SPAM-FREE zone. Affiliate Links Are Allowed NOWHERE On This Site Except In The Financial And Health Related Groups That Specify They Are For Affiliate Links. Thanks For Your Cooperation!
* This is a CHILDISH BEHAVIOR FREE zone – What does this mean? It means Facebook level contentiousness, argumentation and bickering, political partisanship and general nastiness is not allowed here. We have provided a “Time Out” group for those that can’t behave themselves and get along well with others and you can go there and vent and then come back and join the rest of us!

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