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Oscar Abdul and me the great double-play combination

I am nominating Abdul and Oscar for saving the day when my battery went kaput. So yesterday my battery went kaput but of course you never entirely sure if it’s the battery or the starter or the alternator of the fan belt or whatever right? This early afternoon I look out the window of my apartment and there are two SUVs parked next to my Tucson. And this East Indian looking fellow is working on one of the vehicles and he has a battery charger. So now you tell me that this is not divine intervention. How many times do you have a deceased battery in your car and then find out a person next to your car has a battery charger on the sidewalk. So long story short he determined that the battery was dead and we went me and Abdul to a auto parts store. Now I never met Abdul before he let a stranger into his car he only moved here to this residence complex in Richmond Virginia called Carriage Hill 11 days ago. So 12 days ago the guy who happened to have a battery charger on the sidewalk two parking spots away from my car when my battery had died is not even living here. Anyway the description of the battery for my car that was in the computer at the auto parts store said that it was a professional installation not an easy one. When we got back to the car with the battery we found out that we were missing a tool a certain kind and size of wrench. So Abdul went looking to his other cars I don’t know how many cars that he has but I found out that he owns a tire shop and a medical transport business. Anyway he went off looking for the right size wrench and I went looking to see if there was any maintenance people around on a Sunday that might have that kind of wrench and I found this guy Oscar who was maybe 15 parking spots away from my car working on his car and as it turns out he had the exact wrench that was needed. So between Oscar and Abdul and I guess I help somehow we managed to get the battery changed and the new battery is working the engine is turning over everything is beautiful in its own way. But what a very interesting experience that it was today and I am nominating both Oscar and Abdul as salt of the earth Award nominees

About the author: Gary Konigsberg

Founder of Salt Of The Earth Awards
Singer-Songwriter, Entrepreneur, In a relationship with Jesus

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