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The Salt Of The Earth Awards Community Exists In Order To:
* Provide a new digital channel for gratitude, appreciation, kindness and generosity to flow
* Help lift spirits and encourage people to remember their own value and the value of others.
* Offer people a choice from often toxic and divisive environments like Facebook with a positive environment which benefits our societies and our world

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Long Version

Thanks for visiting. This highly confidential mission statement is a brave and bold evil blue print for world domination. Well ok… not so evil… not so bold….not confidential at all. In fact it only works if you get on board and help it go viral. Here is the essence of what this is all about in one sentence. Many try to make a better world by trying to fix the things perceived to be wrong about it. In our effort we are going to, little by little, person by person, make a better world by refocusing attention from wrongnesses to rightnesses and to start moving our culture in the direction of, as the old song says….accentuating the positive.

Now let’s talk about the Salt Of The Earth Awards.

The source of the vast majority of this world’s problems come down to one fundamental error repeated over and over again in many ways. So, you have been looking for the answer to the riddle of human existence and why this world is so messed up and here It is…

As humans, we, each and every one of us, some more than others, are really, really bad at…. EVALUATION OF IMPORTANCES AND JUDGEMENT OF WHERE WE SHOULD PUT OUR ATTENTION.
This website is an effort to invite those who are up to the challenge to refocus our attention, and that alone, in small and big ways can make all of our lives so much better.

What award is there for being a good person?
Well, a good person would say that being a good person is it’s own reward.
A religiously motivated person would say that it moves them one step closer to heaven every time they do a good thing.
But a different religiously inclined person might say we can never do enough in this world to deserve God’s love.
A non-religious spiritual person might say that it makes them feel they are moving closer to their inner divinity to be doing acts of kindness, charity, generosity, etc.
There a lot of ideas about what the reward is in this world for doing good things and being a good person in this world
Be that as it may…this much is true…. there is no tangible reward for being a good person doing acts of goodness which represent the more noble characteristics of human nature in society. There is simply no simple, tangible, clear and integrated way that our society acknowledges good people. Much more often we have our attention on how to and how much to punish others for enough crimes and offenses to fill up many tomes of legislative literature, codes and creeds.

Holy OMISSION, Batman!

In this world, we tend to experience that which we have our most attention on. Our experiences, and how we view them, tend to reinforce our pre-existing world views.  That which we focus on gets bigger in our minds and in our experiences.  And we spend most of our time focused on the negative side of the ledger and we don’t really have a way to acknowledge people for doing good things! While we put our attention on politicians and other criminals who dominate the headlines along with death in a myriad of forms.
Does one need to look any further than this to understand why the world is a mess and it is not getting better but worse in many ways?

When I was living in Dover, NH there was a fellow who was recognized by the local chamber of commerce for being the leading volunteer in Dover, NH. That’s great! Way to go, dude!
However…. what about all the other volunteers or good neighbors who didn’t get an award? As Red Buttons used to say at the Dean Martin Roasts… they never got a dinner!

What about awards that are very prestigious and a great honor to receive in this world? The most famous of these is most likey the nobel prize.

Who do you know that has won a nobel prize?
Oh. Nobody? Right, me neither.
In fact, other than Dylan and Obama who do you know or did you even hear of before they won a Nobel prize?!
These awards are mainly elite and leader class people in the world giving each other awards. The Nobel Prizes don’t go to your typical neighborhood good guy or gal!

How many good people do you know in your family, place of worship or other community?
How many of these people or others have done, said or been something which has been a positive influence on your life?
You might call them a “Salt Of The Earth” type person.
Don’t they deserve to know how much you appreciate them, even if you have told them already?
Some really great people don’t receive recognition well. Do it anyway. It’s for you, too. The joy is in the giving.  And they will love you for it (no matter how much they might object).

That four letter word, “love” is what this site is really all about.

It’s also what the world needs now… now more than ever. Especially here in the ever increasingly tribalistic United States of America.
Do a Google search for new American civil war… there were 26 million results and with the phrase in quotes there were 132,000!
This means that there are 132,000 results indexed on Google of sites where those exact words, the whole phrase “new American civil war” , showed up!

OK, that’s the dark side… you don’t need me to go into great detail on that. That is not my mission. That is not why you are here.
My mission is to shift the attention. How much difference would it make if there were 132,000 listings on Google for Salt Of The Earth Awards?

This site is a place where you, me and everybody can nominate anybody they want for the Salt Of The Earth Award.
We aim to make this very local so that, more and more, as we go forward, people will be “competing” to do more in their communities for the sake of doing good in their communities but also to forward a cause.
But you can nominate anyone, even people without a cause. Here is an example:

When I first moved to Richmond VA I knew nobody. The first person I met was a downstairs neighbor, an older lady, named Betty, who walks with a tripod cane.
She had enough trouble getting around but she was carrying a bag of clean laundry up the stairs because my neighbor next door is older still than Betty is and has more trouble getting around and needed more help than she does. Betty has a sign on the rear window of her car that says “throw kindness around like it was confetti” I am nominating her for the Salt Of The Earth Award.

This award is won whenever one is nominated. One doesn’t have to win the award by getting the most votes or something although something along those lines might evolve here. One wins whenever someone thought enough of them to nominate them. Most likely there will be awards to win here and there will be prizes and we can have a fun game and some fun competition with more and more people doing more and more great things for the community they live in and they are. We will rock it out and make a carnival out of it if that is what is wanted. There will also be fun merch like tee shirts and caps that say “Salt Of The Earth Award Nominee” or “My Grandaughter Nominated Me As Salt Of The Earth Awardee”

So, you get the idea. This is why we are here… to make a better world by inspiring a significant shift towards the positive in where people put there attention. This is a no conflict, no nasty, no political, no tribalism zone.
You won’t hear that on Facebook!

To keep it lively and engaging there will be a section for causes and hobnobbing.

Welcome to a new and better world that you are helping to bring forward.

Gary Konigsberg
Fonder – Salt Of The Earth Awards

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