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My 93 year old father passed away.He was a… – Jonathan Tarrash

Jonathan was a childhood connection, I was more friends with his younger brother (name omitted). I haven’t spoken with either in a very long time. Maybe 35 years or more? I used to draw comic book heroes with Jonathan’s younger brother and our friend Gregg Lieberman. This was all very much part of my childhood. Also part of my childhood was seeing Jonathan and his brother’s father (name omitted) ride around the neighborhood in Queens NY on his bicycle with almost always a big smile on his face. Hey, look…. the kids grew up to be successful and happy so Jonathan and his brother’s dad was a successful dad and he lived to be 93! So all three (now, sadly, posthumously) are recognized as Salt Of The Earth Award nominees.

My 93 year old father passed away.He was a father who was quick to discipline his kids.He loved his grandchildren ,he…

Posted by Jonathan Tarrash on Monday, July 2, 2018

Justin at Metro Diner RVA nominated.

I am going to get this horribly wrong but what I understand was that he had a girlfriend and they had a kid and then they broke up and then he ended up getting a couple of other kids and there’s some other kids involved in this somehow and the ended up back with the girl that’s the biological mother of his first kid and now he has the woman that he loves and a house and 5 kids and he’s really very happy with that and he is making things work despite the economy that we have right now and he should be one of the managers here at the Metro Diner but right now he is just one of the servers so Bravo and nomination to Justin 4 getting at least a piece of the American dream. And Justin showed me pics of his kids who are adorable and bright looking youngsters.

Michelle at Shoneys has such a sweet story and tattoo and she is nominated for the salt of the earth award

As you can see she has the As I Lay myself to sleep prayer tattooed and wrapped around her neck and then as far as it goes by rolling around and she did this to honor her grandmother when her grandmother passed she loves her grandmother so very much to this day and better than just having her grandmother’s name she has that entire tattoo because her grandmother used to always make that part of her nighty night prayers as Michelle said. So Michelle is absolutely a winner of the salt of the earth award for having the most endearing story that I have heard so far

Patty Duffy nominated Rev David. Curtis of St Johns Episcopal

We are here at the demonstration for the sanctity of the relationship between parent and child and how it applies to all of us including immigrants legal or illegal here in the United States crossing the border. Patty said that Reverend Curtis is a personification of love and goodness and also for my own observation he is giving out water on a hot day and for this reason is nominated by Patty for the salt of the earth award

Taesean Blanding is nominated as a salt-of-the-earth award winner for a whole slew of reasons

I’m at the Domination 18 tonight as you can see in the pictures Taesean was doing some hip hop at a Christian hip-hop gathering of some really talented people who were putting forth positive message Positive Vibes with a lot of energy and a lot of noise and a lot of talent. I particularly liked his message of I am bold I am golden and try again even if you have to dust yourself off get back up try again. Really really great message for our youth and for everybody. Taesean is also a youth counselor and an art director for boys and girls club and so much more so really nice to meet such a great individual and nominate him for the salt of the earth award very deserved

D.C. who is a Christian hip-hop artists who was rocking the house tonight at domination 18 is nominated for the salt of the earth award

D.C. is nominated not only because of his messages of love and Brotherhood in his hip hop art but also for his direct message about how social media is such a very toxic environment he says he goes on there and there’s people dying and killing and killing themselves and that people have forgotten what a gift that life is everyday and the importance of love in their lives and that beautiful message deserves to be heard needs to be heard and so I am grateful to have DC recognized here as a salt of the earth Award nominee

Anna from Carriage Hill in Richmond VA nominated

Anna is actually a maintenance person where I live in Richmond VA. I never had a maintenance guy look like Anna. I’m just saying. Anyway her’s was the very first face that I saw when I arrived here after 3 hours sleep and a 13-hour drive from New England en route to move to Richmond VA in September of last year when I was feeling very sorry for myself. She just lit up my world and showed me that maybe there would be some nice people here and she also gave me the keys to my apartment aka my new home. So she is nominated to the salt of the earth award.

Nominating John for the Salt Of The Earth Award

I met John at the Jazz Cafe at the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts this evening I asked John for the kindest thing that he had ever done he said the best thing that he had ever done was to marry his wife. Later on he told me that he’s helping to take care of his wife who is dying of dementia. Earlier on he bussed his dishes and when he went up he brought mine as well just as a gesture of kindness so I am nominating John for the salt of the earth award. Also because he kinda looks like Robin Williams

Tyler my waiter at Bar Louie in Short Pump VA

So Tyler was living in Newport News and he had gotten off of work and it was about 1 in the morning and he was driving home and there was a lot of snow coming down and he happen to cross somebody that was stuck in the snow so at 1 in the morning he got out of his car and help the guy. I think that’s a great thing to do and really demonstrates that Tyler is the kind of guy who’s got your back even if he doesn’t know you even if it’s one in the morning even if it is snowing like hell out and he is nominated for the salt of the earth award

Betty at RVA Carriage Hill Apartments Nominated For The Salt Of The Earth Awards

When I first moved to Richmond VA I knew nobody. The first person I met was a downstairs neighbor, an older lady, named Betty, who walks with a tripod cane.

She had enough trouble getting around but she was carrying a bag of clean laundry up the stairs because my neighbor next door is older still than Betty is and has more trouble getting around and needed more help than she does. Betty has a sign on the rear window of her car that says “throw kindness around like it was confetti” I am nominating Betty for the Salt Of The Earth Award.

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